This is Gift of Kit, the only place to access sponsored kit for your sports clubs, courtesy of the worlds biggest brands.

We have provided over £3 million of kit and equipment to grassroots sport in the UK.

Thank you so much for everything, what you are doing for grassroots is phenomenal "

Rockspur Fords Club

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Sponsorship Alliance

We encourage brands to support grassroots sport by providing clubs with much needed kit and equipment

Individual clubs are rarely able to attract national brands, we want to change that by creating the Sponsorship Alliance, and we need your support.

Through our promotions, clubs can access premium sponsored kit at no cost.

How does my club get kit?

Sign up to our Sponsorship Alliance and we will get in touch with information about free kit promotions your club can apply for. You can also take at look at our active promotions and apply for any that may suit your club. 

There is no hidden catch, just free kit for your club. You tell us what your club would do to in return for sponsored kit and we do the rest.

It is completely free to sign up and there is no charge to take part in any of our promotions. 

Recent Programmes


Kia Motors

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" We are absolutely buzzing to be chosen! What these guys are doing for grassroots is amazing!

Thank you so much, it means a lot to us. "


" New kit has arrived courtesy of Deliveroo Gift of kit and Puma, it excellent quality so a massive thank you to all those involved.

It is a fantastic thing you are doing for grassroots football. "


" We are proud to announce we are now a deliveroo football club. 

We thank Gift of Kit for everything they are doing for grassroots clubs ."


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We will contact you when your club is eligible for FREE kit & Equipment

To give your club the best chance of being chosen for a free kit, keep a look out for our emails alerting you of new promotions. 


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