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Gift of Kit is a business that champions and supports grassroots sport. We team up with major brands to invest in grassroots. We are lobbying the Government and National Governing Bodies to support the community game through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, to ensure the sports that we love are funded and protected as the world gets back on it's feet.


We are particularly interested in assessing the financial impact that Covid-19 is having on your club, so we can see where help will be needed. This survey is designed to give us an insight into how clubs see what the short and medium term challenge will be and how we can support them.

Your information is confidential and will not be shared with and 3rd parties.

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How Is Your Club Funded?

We understand it may be tricky to know exact figures for this so please feel free provide an estimated figure, this will still give us a great insight into how your club is funded and where the gaps may be when football resumes. 

If you don't have figures then please give an estimated %.

What is your club's total yearly income?

How much money does your club receive from central funding i.e your sports governing body?

How much of your income is from advertising at your club/pitch?

How much of your income is from membership fees, match subs, clubhouse takings and fundraising?

How much of your income is from local companies sponsorship?

Please include the value of any kit & equipment that a sponsor provides.

Your club currently:
Next season you predict your club will:

How much does your club spend on the following per year?

Estimated figures are fine.

Kit & Equipment


Coaching Courses

Other Staff

Facility maintenance 



Match Officials

If you had to making savings across the club, where would these come from?

Other, please state:

Sadly, we know there will be grassroots clubs that will close and fold as a result of the pandemic.

Additional information about challenges for your club


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