'Sponsorship Alliance" Launched By Gift of Kit

Individual clubs are rarely able to attract national brands. Gift of Kit are determined to change that by creating the Sponsorship Alliance.

The "Gift of Kit" idea has grown from strength to strength in recent years, both in terms of our impressive club network and brands recognising the value of grassroots sport.

We were recently called upon to submit an evidence paper to the Government about the effects of Covid -19 on grassroots football clubs and commissioned a survey of our database to understand the financial climate now, and in the coming months.

This has given us a detailed insight into the issues that grassroots sport faces through a lack of support from the traditional sources of kit sponsorship - SME's and local businesses, who whom many are facing an uncertain future themselves.

There has never been a better time to demonstrate the value we drive to clubs and brands; community spirit has never been as high, and many brands have relished the goodwill they have received from their support of communities. To date we have delivered over £3m of sponsored kit to clubs in return for kit branding for blue-chip clients such as Sky, KIA, Deliveroo and B&Q.

Strength In Numbers

It is the collective of clubs that attracts the brands, and they want more. So we propose to scale this up, build the brand numbers and investment levels, and clubs will receive more kit and equipment to help cut costs at this difficult time. Local businesses may struggle to continue supporting clubs with sponsorship but with scale we can attract more national advertisers.

The Sponsorship Alliance

To that end, we have created our Sponsorship Alliance, and we need your support.

The challenge is to identify areas that clubs spend money on and match brands to those categories:

From our survey, large ‘non-football’ annual costs include Utilities, Insurance, Sky/BT, broadband and catering.

There are real opportunities to bring new world-class brands into grassroots sport. We know these companies have large regional and national budgets and want engagement within communities that our clubs represent and deliver in volume. The key, though, is to offer them the measurable return on investment they need in these challenging times; make it a no brainer for them!

So we ask you to confirm your club is happy to support us in this approach so we can give you the sponsored kit and equipment you need.

How to get involved?

All we ask is to confirm your club is happy to support us in this approach and tell us what your club may do in return for sponsored kit.

We will let you know the brands and services we recruit to support grassroots and then you decide if your club wants to get involved - no obligation and nothing for you to pay at any stage.

Your reward will come in kit and equipment that will carry the brands logo.

To do this please sign up and create your Sponsorship Alliance club profile, you can tell us your sponsorship preferences here and we will get in touch with sponsored kit offers that we match to your club.

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Yours in Sport,

Jonathan Green

Co Founder, Gift of Kit

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